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1.  Great Blue Heron at sunrise.  It pays to wake up early!  I had to take this picture through the window because I knew if  I opened our squeaky screen door the heron would be gone.  The great thing about herons is that they can stand as still as a stone for what seems like hours.  You might think they're posing, but no. . .they're really looking to kill and eat something.
2.  Sandhill Cranes flocking in a field.  Just a few years ago we were thrilled to see even one of them.  Now they come by the hundreds, migrating to a spot somewhere north of us.  But some of them do stay all summer, and every now and then we catch a glimpse of them flying overhead.  Their calls are so loud, we can hear them long before we see them. 
Cranes and herons are about the same size, but you can tell the difference when they're flying by the shape of their necks.  A crane flies with it's neck straight out; a heron's neck is crooked or bent.
3.  A small albino deer grazing near the road.  Her fur looks pretty motley, but I think she was molting, getting ready to show off a fine new coat .

4.  Indigo Bunting ground-feeding near the feeders.  This is the first one we've seen in all the years we've been here.  A rare glimpse of another spring migrant.
5.  Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We broke numerous snowfall records this winter (2007-08) so the spring runoff was spectacular.   Tannin from the cedar swamp upstream causes the water to turn a rich, copper color.

6.  Hummingbird on my geraniums.  I had to take this through a window and while my camera was madly trying to focus, this little darling stayed quite still for the photo.  Did he know I was taking his picture?

7.  These fawn twins loved splashing in the water.  They came back day after day just to play.

8.  There are some people who think deer don't like water, but our deer do.  When the black flies get bad they'll swim just to get away from them.

9.  No matter what the day has brought, the water almost always calms at twilight.  Early April, 2008,  and the ice was finally melting at the shoreline.  The last of the ice left our bay on April 23.

My Photo Gallery

All of the photos in this gallery were taken by me.  Some are current and some were taken over the years.  As a photographer, I really have no idea what I'm doing.  Through the magic of digital cameras, I can keep taking pics until I'm happy with at least one.  And through the magic of computer enhancement, I can make them look even better.   (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)