In the Garden

We live in the north woods, where the deer and the rabbits think anything we plant is there for them.  They don't stop at just admiring it;  they chomp it every chance they get. 

gnomesandcolumbines.jpgFor years we avoided fencing in our flowers and veggies, not wanting anything to get in the way of our view.  What dummies!  Did we think we were going to train those critters to appreciate beauty and give it the respect it deserved?  They are what they are.  They're herbivores, and they're going to eat the best of what's put out before them.  Why settle for mediocre cedar branches when there are gourmet columbine to be had?

So last year, because we finally put five foot high green mesh  fencing around our gardens, we had flowers well into fall.  Glory be!  What a sight!  The impatiens grew big as saucers and the petunias cascaded over the old wheelbarrow sides and onto the ground.  Snow fell on my red geraniums! 

And the deer and the rabbits lived, in spite of it all.


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