From our readers:

I am ready to pack my bags and move.  Your site is simply fabulous.  Reminds me of the memories I have with Summer vacations and stays in cabins. 

I can recall the grit of beach sand on enamel oval pans that were filled with water heated on the stove when dishes were done and they were then towel dried.  I can remember the sounds of music coming from a large wooden turntable that had a flexible arm with a long needle that you placed on the record and my family joining in with songs. 

I remember sitting at the beach and watching the sun sink to the horizon line and the rows of wet bathing suits and towels strung on lines and the acrid smell of Outhouses and the token catalog and even toilet paper at times. 

But more than anything I remember the view. 

As we speak, I look out my window and see a lawn and across the street is another house facing me.  Imagine looking out of a window and seeing water and trees and herons and hummingbirds and boats on the horizon line and watching the sun rise and set and change colors. 

Cabins has to only add to the quality of life and excite the senses and give a sense of peace.  Good for you. 

Like I said:  I am ready to move… 

I loved the page on GREEN as with Global Warming and pollution standards gone awry.  Some really great recommendations. 

This is something we all need to do whether we live in a cabin or not. 

What an enjoyable hour or so I have had reading this site. 

Good Luck and welcome all newcomers, this is a great place to chat and exchange ideas. 


Living in the Desert


Thanks, Nedra.  Your memories are so vivid. Love the image of the oval enamel dish pan!  I remember them well.  Mona